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If you're looking for the very best in security dog services, you need SDH (Security Dog handling Services). Whether it's security for a specific event, or premises that needs constant protection, we'll use our specialist knowledge and insights to help prevent you becoming a victim of crime.

We provide first class services directly to both public and private companies, and we're often called upon for our expertise to help bigger security firms who don’t have the specific dog handling experience that we have. We can guarantee results because we employ the highest trained guard and patrol dogs. All our staff are qualified to the latest standards (B.I.P.D.T and N.A.S.D.U, plus compliant with BS8517), and our elite teams always provide a professional and admirable service. We're experts in what we do, so just tell us your security issues and we’ll advise the best options for you.

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Malcolm Webb founded SDH Services (Security Dog handling Services) in 1992 whilst he was working as a static security supervisor. With a background in security he saw an opportunity to create a company providing excellent security dog handling services.

The company principle to excel at quality service is still as strong today as it was back then – and it’s what keeps our business growing. Our services are now used nationwide and our event service in particular is really growing at pace. At SDH (Security Dog handling Services) we insist on the highest standards of training, and we constantly ensure our teams are up to date with the latest legislations. We’re fully compliant with the S.I.A. regulations and all of our personnel are licensed by the S.I.A. to either door supervisor or security guard standards.

We supply full public liability insurance and we’re also compliant with the 1975 Guard Dogs Act and BS 8517 Every business and event is unique, so we’ll assess your needs before using our wealth of experience to advise the best course of action. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.


Did you know that a security dog team can effectively replace up to 3 static security officers?  Not only are they more of a deterrent, it’s cost effective too.

Dogs have an incredible sense of hearing and a powerful sense of smell. This enables them to detect disturbances from a long distance, and well before any person or high tech alarm system. Trained security patrol dogs are a valuable asset and ensure your security is not compromised.

Alarm systems have their place and are great at indicating a disturbance, but they cannot act upon it. Equally, camera systems record what is occurring, but this doesn’t help if criminals use a disguise.  Even a monitored system can experience a delayed response if you’re at the mercy of the police who have limited resources – plus, the crime has already taken place.

We can help you prevent crime in the first place.  Our trained and qualified security dog teams operate from high profile, marked vehicles which helps deter offenders – this alone reduces the risk of criminals targeting your property.

However, should the worst happen, and you are targeted by criminals, our security dogs have the ability and motivation to protect both the handler and your property. Our dogs are highly trained, so they can apprehend the criminals in a controlled and professional manner much quicker and more effectively than a security officer.

Each dog lives with their handler which creates a strong bond and encourages their natural instinct and desire to protect.  It also means that our dogs are well rounded, mentally stable and able to cope with a variety of situations.  Unlike other companies we DO NOT use multi-handled dogs from a central kennel.

If you take your security as seriously as we do, then get in touch with Security Dog handling Services to see how we can help.


We have been a certified ACS company since August 2007 and continually score high marks in the qualification process

Why should you choose and ACS company?

Benefits of Using an Approved Contractor

Choosing an ACS accredited supplier for the provision of your contract security services will help you to meet your security obligations to your staff, shareholders and other stakeholders.
Approved contractors are demonstrably committed to customer service and the compulsory licensing of their staff. This means their customers can rest assured that every private security operative deployed on their premises will be working within the law.

Best Practice and Continuity of Quality

You can be confident that the employment practices of the supplier have been extensively assessed in respect of quality and best practice thereby maintaining the integrity of your security supply.

Leadership and Innovation

The ACS is a progressive quality initiative. It's also a voluntary scheme. You can expect accredited providers to be highly responsive to change and swift to adopt new methods and best practices.

The Extended Police Family

The status of the ACS is recognised by the police and offers the potential for enhanced working relationships. The aim is to provide practical benefits through 'joined-up' police, business and community initiatives.

And Our Background


Security Dog handling Services are based in Leicestershire and we can cover assignments across the UK, and we currently cover the following areas:

• North London • South London • Birmingham • Wolverhampton • Kings Lynn • Bedfordshire • Hertfordshire • Leicestershire • Liverpool • South Yorkshire • Kent • South Bristol


Over the past 22 years SDH (Security Dog handling Services) have covered many assignments:

Industrial Locations • Baliff Support • Rock Concerts • Film Studios • Car Shows • VIP Houses • Events • School Proms • Weddings • Dissused Buildings

What We Have Done

Case Study One: Private Resident’s Association

Case Study One: Private Resident’s Association

The residents of 5 private roads in a Greater London location were suffering from serious crimes against both themselves and their properties. This included violence and theft causing great distress and fear amongst a small, private community. The police were very supportive but as they could only react to the crimes after the event, the residents wanted to take preventive measures. They decided to form a resident’s association and pulled together to employ a permanent security presence.

The solution:

SDH (Security Dog Handling Services) advised and implemented the following security measures:

• Risk accessed the area

• Recommended the deployment of a security dog handler during the hours of darkness

• Set up a road block for entrance to the private roads using traffic cones and highly visible red LED lights

• Allowed residents quick entry with a vehicle pass, whilst recording all entries for non-residents with a valid reason to enter

• Provided residents with out of hours phone access to the dog handler for instant emergency reaction

• Constructed highly visible signs to advise that a security dog vehicle was patrolling the area


The assignment has been ongoing for 8 years, and since it began Security Dog Handling Services have only had to deal with some minor incidents. A security dog handler was seen as a better form of deterrent than a security guard, because an offender may attack and injure a lone guard if disturbed . However, if a trained security dog is present as well, this is much less likely to happen, Also a trained dog has superior senses, such as hearing and smell to detect anyone hiding that a security guard would miss. It is a well-known fact that offenders will attack areas that show no signs of security, rather than those that do, so our deterrents were an important part of the plan. With close co-operation from the local Police we’re proud to say that SDH Services has succeeded in deterring any further, serious incidents. The area has been transformed and the residents are now living without fear.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I can only say that from the moment your personnel arrived i was able to totally forget about my worries as far as the wedding marque and its contents were concerned and following a good nights sleep I thoroughly enjoyed my daughters wedding day thanks to you and the team, (including the dogs!). Thank you once again for a truly professional job. I would not hesitate to recommend you and to use your services again. Jane Walker, Northampton
We have dealt with Security Dog handling Services for the past eight years during which time he has provided St Helen’s School with Excellent support in the area of School Security. I have always found that Security Dog Handling Services can be relied upon to provide a professional service with a discreet and appropriate level of visibility. I cannot praise the company enough and have no hesitation recommending Security Dog Handling Services as a reliable company and experts in their field. Linda Toms, St Helen's School, Middlesex
As General Manager of Kier Street Services in Corby, I estimated that we were loosing up to 90lts of fuel every week, although a security system is in place the cameras were proving to bel of no use. I decided that the best course of action was to seek expert help from a specialist security company, I approached SDH Services and arranged an onsite meeting with Malcom Webb. I was very impressed the response I received and with what i saw and heard. SDH services have been on site since the Middle of June and since the first day we have not had any losses. I attribute this to the individual approach SDH took in dealing with the issues at our particular site. I would recommend SDH Services to any company requiring the services of a professional Security company.GR Jones, General Manager, KIER Group
It was extremely important that the start of the contract went smooth, I was impressed with SDH Services Staff on the start upon our contract. The helpful and enthusiastic manner of the staff at SDH Services, from the erection of the fencing to the protection of the synagogue with up to 70 orthodox Jewish protesters outside the fence line was outstanding, our customers was also delighted with the service. <p style="text-align:center">Thanks to your team and for a Job VERY well done.</p> Paul, SectorGuard, PLC

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